iJento bridges the gap between web analytics and BI



iJento, which started life as a web analytics company called Sight Intelligence in 2000, recently rebranded itself and expanded its portfolio to offer what it calls “multi-channel customer intelligence.” One of the many valuable features of the product is the ability to offer realtime analytics across different customer touchpoints – call center, web, social media, and mobile devices – providing organizations with valuable information about customer behavior so they can react instantly to customer interactions. The level of information gathered, which includes the device type used for each visit, allows products and services to be targeted to individuals through different channels according to their preferences at a particular time of day. It also enables organizations to gather data from website visits on mobile devices to more accurately target specific types of content to particular devices. These features are incredibly valuable to organizations that increasingly rely on the Web as their primary “shop front.”

Organizations needing web analytics should consider iJento

Although iJento can be used as a standalone web analytics product, its strength lies in the fact that it bridges the gap between web analytics and business intelligence (BI). Many organizations are expanding into multi-channel operations, integrating call centers, social media, and mobile devices. One of the ways in which the system can work is to integrate, monitor, and analyze all channels – for example, allowing a call center agent to observe that a caller visited the organization’s website immediately before telephoning the call center. Using the analytics gathered during the site visit, the agent will also know the products or services that the caller has been viewing, which provides additional sales opportunities.

iJento was designed to augment rather than replace web analytics products that organizations already have, so they are still able to use existing investments. The company has brought in consultants to provide value-added business and technical consulting in order to optimize implementations and/or forge tight integration between call center and web analytics data.

The realtime tracking capability of iJento is another key feature. It allows organizations to view site activity as it happens, including the pages that are being viewed and the devices that are being used. This enables organizations to optimize different types of content for certain devices at particular times of the day to enhance the user experience. This feature is particularly valuable for data-driven organizations, particularly in publishing and media, which typically produce high volumes of fast-changing content.

The iJento product can be implemented on premise or as a hosted solution through a third-party partner, though the majority of customers have preferred the hosted option. The company also provides a datamart to store detailed visitor-level data, which is particularly useful for organizations that wish to create web analytics solutions using iJento Tags, or enhance existing web analytics solutions without having to implement their own data warehouses.

iJento needs to talk to ECM platform and WCM vendors

Many web content management (WCM) and enterprise content management (ECM) platform vendors now have some form of analytics embedded in their products, although some only offer basic features. However, this product goes much further than traditional web analytics products in that it offers multi-channel capabilities. Ovum believes there is tremendous opportunity in talking to WCM and ECM platform vendors and potentially signing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreements to have iJento embedded in WCM systems. This would improve the capabilities of the WCM products as well as provide iJento with additional revenue opportunities.

One possible prohibitor to embedding the product in other systems is that it is currently only available in English, reflecting the fact that iJento’s main markets are the UK, Australia, and North America. The company has stated that if there is demand for the product in other regions, it will consider making it available in other languages. Additionally, there are still some WCM products that lack web analytics. With its multi-channel analytic capabilities, iJento would be a prize for any WCM or ECM platform vendor wishing to add advanced web analytics to its portfolio.



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