ITinvolve’s latest release boasts some compelling enhancements



ITinvolve is an IT service management (ITSM) solution that Ovum previously identified as being well positioned to help IT departments communicate and collaborate more effectively, putting people first and adopting an interface that users of popular social networks find familiar.

ITinvolve recently announced a winter 2013 release that will include over 100 enhancements and new features, many of which have been developed in response to requests from its growing customer base. The release builds on the philosophy of creating a tool that effectively empowers users and better facilitates the capturing and subsequent re-use of knowledge that can help IT departments improve incident, problem, request, and change management processes.

Putting people first

ITinvolve identifies enabling better collaboration and knowledge sharing through the use of the tool’s social technology features as a key differentiator of the solution. Many ITSM solutions have embraced social, but this is usually through modular add-ons or integration with popular social network platforms. ITinvolve offers a solution that has been built with social at its core, and the wealth of knowledge gained from this can benefit all core ITIL processes supported by the tool. Benefits include further enabling people through improved visibility of systems and software, helping them to respond more rapidly to incidents, and ensuring that necessary escalations are quick and assigned to the right people with the right perspective.

The social knowledge management features complement existing ITSM functionality

A notable update in the winter 2013 release is the solution’s ability to integrate with other ITSM and service desk technologies, enabling customers to exploit the social collaboration and knowledge management features of ITinvolve. Ovum believes scenario objects are a feature that will appeal to potential customers and existing users. Scenario objects allow IT team members to associate one or more social objects in ITinvolve with a given scenario (e.g. incident, change, and disaster recovery planning) and then exploit this knowledge to quickly and accurately manage the given scenario. ITinvolve scenario objects also contain a wealth of additional information not commonly found in traditional ITSM tickets. For example, from an incident management perspective and aside from details of the incident itself, scenario objects contain previously acquired knowledge that can help to improve first-line fix rates and provide information (including contact and departmental details) relating to other members of staff who could be engaged to help speed up incident resolution.

This functionality prevents service desk analysts from having to spend time tracking down who an incident should be escalated to, as this information is contained as part of the scenario object. It also eliminates the need for service desk analysts to re-discover or repeat information, as knowledge gained through addressing the scenarios is added to ITinvolve for future use. This approach enables ITinvolve to do away with the drudgery of creating knowledge articles, as new knowledge is easily and automatically added through day-to-day operations.

ITinvolve continues to have an impact among SMEs

Since Ovum last reported on ITinvolve in October 2012, the solution has experienced an encouraging customer growth rate and good financial results. As a result of the innovative use of social technologies, ITinvolve was recently nominated as a finalist for the Pink Elephant 2012 ITSM innovation award – an award won previously by ServiceNow and Serena Software.

Positive customer feedback has praised the capabilities of ITinvolve in better enabling collaboration and visibility of knowledge, specifically around incident management and change management activities. Technology is not a silver bullet for bad processes or culture, but Ovum believes that the valuable and contextually relevant information that ITinvolve presents has the potential to further enable IT departments, especially around incident management and change management efforts.



Adam Holtby, ITSM Research Analyst, IT Software


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