Nokia CEO outlines mobile Internet strengths in emerging markets

Nokia’s CEO, Steven Elop, outlined a coherent vision and strategy for addressing the challenges in connecting the next billion users in this morning’s keynote session at MWC 2013.

Elop identified the three key challenges in connecting the next billion users: providing affordable content and data, delivering an app economy for feature phones, and enabling effective content discovery. He then proceeded to outline how Nokia’s assets in this space fit together to address them.

Ovum liked Elop’s emphasis on channeling Nokia’s high-end device and service expertise to deliver an affordable yet compelling Internet experience for lower income users. This is being achieved through the provision of attractively-designed, low-cost feature phones, Nokia’s cloud-based browser Nokia Express, and the vendor’s Nokia Life set of educational, agricultural, and entertainment services.

Due to its considerable distribution network in emerging markets, Nokia is well placed to continue its strong performance in this space for as long as smartphones remain above the $50 mark.