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Author: Keith Dawson

An optimal-channel interaction is better than a multichannel one

The power of today’s interaction technology is overshadowing the need to winnow and perfect the best customer interaction methods.
Keith Dawson

With Echopass, Genesys becomes a service provider

Genesys’s latest acquisition – of cloud contact center provider Echopass – is its most daring yet. It will not only bring in new products and technology, but could also change the fundamental nature of Genesys as a company.
Keith Dawson

Voxeo purchase signals a more competitive, dynamic Aspect

Aspect is purchasing Voxeo, an IVR vendor with strong outbound and cloud-based capabilities, for $150 million. . The acquisition highlights Aspect’s efforts to remake itself in the face of challenges to some of its core technologies, including the market demand for more sophisticated self-service tools that go beyond legacy IVR.
Keith Dawson

An Agile Cisco is an innovative Cisco

At Cisco’s recent contact center analyst conference, executives from its Collaboration Technology Group gave insight into the success of the company’s current product segmentation mix, and the thinking behind some of its market movements.
Keith Dawson

Nuance and [24]7 revisit the design of customer self-service and IVR

Two vendors in the IVR space recently announced innovative responses to the changing self-service technology landscape: Nuance, with its voice-directed Nina IVR, and [24]7 with its analytics-based predictive Visual Speech for mobile interfaces.
Keith Dawson

Genesys steps into analytics with Utopy acquisition

Genesys has announced that it will acquire the speech analytics and workforce optimization (WFO) specialist Utopy. It plans to integrate Utopy’s analytics capabilities with its own call routing and WFO suite.
Keith Dawson

Salesforce tackles the social customer service experience

Salesforce offers businesses that want to embark on social customer service projects a powerful range of options via its Service Cloud. The enhancements to it unveiled at Dreamforce are welcome, particularly Chatter Communities.
Keith Dawson

Customers avoid “shiny objects” in favor of contact channels that work

Despite the increasing attention enterprises are paying to expanding the array of possible customer contact channels, Ovum’s data indicates that customers tend to rely on tried-and-true contact modes. Notably, there is little variation in the pattern of contact among different age groups. Customers, whether Boomers, Millennials or something in-between, favor contact channels that show results over channels that are novel.
Keith Dawson

A mobile customer care strategy requires accountable ownership to succeed

Providing mobile access for customers is a popular initiative in many organizations today, but the ability to translate momentum into the development of customer care capabilities varies widely based on organizational dynamics (politics) and the focus for mobile strategy within an enterprise.
Keith Dawson

CallMiner’s analytics upgrade emphasizes agent performance

CallMiner’s latest release of Eureka is billed as making it easier for front-line managers and customer-facing agents to automatically view information that is relevant to their individual performances. Closer coordination between analytics and agent performance can help enterprises enhance the overall customer experience they offer.
Keith Dawson