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Author: Peter Ryan

Nexus 2014 highlights shift to higher-value, more-diverse outsourcing

Nearshore Nexus 2014 foreshadowed a distinct shift in the Caribbean and Latin American outsourcing dynamic, with IT services taking a more pronounced place than ever before.
Peter Ryan

Time to look to Ireland for nearshore contact center delivery into the UK

By looking not just at the usual countries in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and North Africa, but also across the Irish Sea to Ireland for a nearshore contact center outsourcing destination, UK executives on both the vendor and client sides may find more value than they expected.
Peter Ryan

Customer experience should be key focus for outsourcers

This Opinion highlights the emergence of customer experience as an outsourcing selling point.
Peter Ryan

Colombian city of Cali is well positioned for outsourcing delivery

This Opinion examines the potential for Cali, Colombia, to become an outsourcing hotspot.
Peter Ryan

Site stability is once again at the forefront of outsourcing

Given the current political climate, there will likely be more vigilance related to where outsourcing centers are housed than at any point since the Arab Spring of 2011, as vendors and clients aim to minimize risk exposure.
Peter Ryan

2013 ends well for contact center outsourcers

This Opinion discusses the year-end results of publicly traded contact center outsourcers for the 2013 financial year.
Peter Ryan

Startek breaks new BPO nearshore ground with contact center in Tegucigalpa

Startek recently announced the deployment of a BPO contact center in Tegucigalpa. This points to increased confidence in Central America as a delivery location of choice for end users in the US, and signals that Honduras is rapidly becoming the "go-to" country within this region.
Peter Ryan

Convergys acquisition of Stream is outsourcing game-changer in 2014

Convergys's acquisition of Stream Global Services represents the most important consolidation move in the contact center outsourcing space since the global financial crisis hit in 2008. This Opinion analyzes the impact of this acquisition.
Peter Ryan

Contact center outsourcers must be ready for economic rebound

As the economies of developed countries rebound, it will be imperative that contact center outsourcers are prepared resource-wise to take on the higher levels of demand present over the last few years, and that they ensure their offerings reflect enterprise requirements for end-user engagement.
Peter Ryan

South Carolina bolsters onshore outsourcing credentials with StarTek contact center deployment

This Opinion analyzes the significance of StarTek's contact center deployment in South Carolina, and discusses the state's ongoing efforts to attract outsourcing investment.
Peter Ryan