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Author: Tony Baer

DataSift embraces streaming data

DataSift, whose claim to fame has been as the filtering engine for Twitter and other social networks, is broadening its positioning as a generalized streaming data-filtering engine.
Tony Baer

MarkLogic 7 adds Hadoop integration

MarkLogic, which promotes itself as one of the original NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases, has added several features in the new Version 7 release that natively integrate with Hadoop, provide extended data tiering, and add new graph and semantics analytic capabilities.
Tony Baer

Cloudera plots its path forward with enterprise data hub strategy

At the recent Strata/Hadoop World conference in New York, Cloudera announced a new enterprise data hub strategy. More than an update of the enterprise data warehouse, the hub becomes the logical point where data lands and analytics is managed.
Tony Baer

Platfora 3.0 expands Hadoop BI analytics

Platfora, which introduced in-memory analytics to Hadoop, is now filling out its tool with new "lenses" providing temporal "event series" and segmentation data views.
Tony Baer

Paxata puts a business-user face on data preparation

Turning raw data into actionable data has traditionally been a lengthy process, because it required the intervention of IT and database developers to crack the problem. Paxata has just emerged from stealth to announce a product that hides the database engineering while applying predictive algorithms and machine learning to the task of preparing data.
Tony Baer

Oracle Database 12c embraces in-memory architecture

At the Oracle OpenWorld annual user conference last week, Oracle announced enhancements to Oracle Database 12c platform that include a new in-memory option for both analytics and transactional applications, and an extension of its engineered systems portfolio to cover backup and logging.
Tony Baer

Storage tiering is the new black for databases

Conventional wisdom over the past few years has been that the cost of all forms of storage is dropping almost in lockstep. The result has been a marked upsurge in new Flash- and DRAM in-memory-based data platform and application architectures. Yet beneath the surface, the trends are not blindly uniform.
Tony Baer

Splunk aims for broader audience, grabs mobile opportunity

Splunk recently executed several moves to broaden its audience, deepen its Big Data access, and target the Internet of Things. At its annual user conference, the company announced the release of Splunk Enterprise 6 and the acquisition of BugSense, a cloud-based quality-assurance monitoring tool for mobile applications.
Tony Baer

Teradata 14.10 ups in-memory and in-database analytics

The recently released Teradata 14.10 platform adds several features that one-up and surpass some of its newer analytic platform rivals. Highlights include dynamic tiering of hot data into memory, increased support for in-database analytics, better connectivity to Hadoop, and new optimizations for R implementation that fully exploit parallel processing.
Tony Baer

IBM introduces flexibility to Big Data governance

IBM's latest Big Data enhancements for its InfoSphere integration and governance product portfolio promote an emerging approach to reconcile Big Data with master data management.
Tony Baer