Tony Cripps

Principal Analyst
Devices & Platforms

Tony is principal analyst in Ovum Telecoms’ Devices & Platforms group. His research is focused on understanding the impact of adjacent players (Google, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Yahoo, RIM, Facebook, etc.) on network operators, content providers, device manufacturers, software vendors, and other value system players.

More specific interests include the overlaps and emerging connections between the Internet, telecoms services, and the connected home, and best practices for supporting end-user and developer experience and requirements in multi-screen environments.

Tony is the author of leading reports in this field, including “Telecoms in 2020: devices and platforms”, “Of iPhones and Androids: redefining the smartphone and other devices”, “Mass-market mobile web browsing: today and the future”, and “Rich Internet applications in mobile and consumer electronics: impact analysis”. He is also the instigator and a key contributor to Ovum’s “Telecoms 2020 Vision” series of reports.

Tony devised the popular market trackers subscription consulting concept and continues to deliver his “Adjacent players tracker” to major telecoms clients on a monthly basis. Other recent consulting projects of note include a wide-ranging benchmarking project covering new TV players for Microsoft, a deep analysis of smartphone specialist HTC for ZTE, and numerous competitive positioning projects for software vendors such as Red Bend, Opera, Qualcomm Internet Services, and others.

Tony is also an experienced conference presenter and chair, and is frequently sought out by the media for his insight. He previously devised and ran Ovum’s “Mobile user experience” advisory service.

Prior to joining Ovum, Tony worked for many years as a technology journalist, primarily in the ComputerWire stable, on leading titles including Computer Business Review, Computergram International and Network Briefing. This grounding gave him an exceptionally broad view of IT and telecoms, developing synergies he has been able to leverage and develop further since joining Ovum in February 2005. He has an MSc in Science Communication from Imperial College London and a BSc in Psychology from University College London.