Telecoms Consulting

Ovum’s Telecoms Consultancy combines global experience with local market knowledge, allowing us to assist our clients with insightful analysis and strategy aligned to local market dynamics. We have experience working across all parts of the telecoms and interrelated ecosystems in both developed and developing markets, and frequently work with telecoms operators, service providers, governments and regulators, vendors, and investment banks.

Our Telecoms Consultancy draws upon the experience of our consultancy team members along with our telecoms research analyst colleagues, providing detailed market information and analysis coverage across a wide range of topics including:

Ovum’s Telecoms Consultancy has two main practice areas:

  1. Regulatory and Policy: Regulatory decisions have major financial and strategic implications for telecommunications operations. Effective decision-making is essential for governments and regulators to achieve their public policy objectives. It is vital therefore that regulation is based on well-founded, well-researched, and carefully developed analysis. Ovum’s Regulation and Policy Consulting Practice has a long track record of providing such analysis.
  2. Commercial and Strategic Marketing: Expansion into the telecoms sector demands the development of credible business plans, the assessment of financial risks, and the critical evaluation of competing investment opportunities. Ovum has undertaken a wide range of business plan development and due diligence business case reviews in support of financial transactions.

Our analysts

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