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Ovum: A wave of consolidation will occur in social messaging in 2014

The recent acquisitions of WhatsApp by Facebook and Viber by Rakuten signal that social communications, and particularly messaging, are becoming a core part of OTT services, whether their primary focus is social networking, gaming, or even commerce. Ovum expects a wave of consolidation to occur in the social messaging industry in 2014, and some players… Read more

Neha Dharia

Analyst view: NFC based cloud payments a further boost by card scheme support for HCE

NFC based cloud payments a further boost by card scheme support for HCE Visa and MasterCard have formally thrown their weight behind Hosted Card Emulation (HCE), a technology for hosting m-payment and digital wallet capabilities in the cloud rather than on the Secure Element (SE) in a device, an approach that is highly disruptive to… Read more

Eden Zoller

Analyst view: Orange Liberates Libon

Orange Liberates Libon Orange has announced the next phase in the evolution of Libon, the OTT communications service developed by Orange Vallée that  offers VoIP, SMS and voicemail. Eden Zoller, principal analyst, comments: “Orange has leveraged its patented OpenChat technology to introduce a new instant messaging (IM) feature to Libon that allows users to IM… Read more

Eden Zoller

Analyst View: Facebook acquires WhatsApp

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp should come as no surprise and makes sense for both parties, although there are some key challenges ahead in terms of how Facebook develops and monetises WhatsApp going forward. Neha Dharia and Eden Zoller, Consumer Telecoms Analysts at Ovum, have the following comment: “The social messaging market is growing rapidly, with messaging volumes… Read more

Neha Dharia

Ovum reveals Big Trust as big data’s missing DNA

Big Trust should be considered Big Data’s missing DNA, the essential material for capturing ‘hearts & minds’ amongst the ‘shock & awe’ of Big Data power, according to Ovum. As big data analytics creates new opportunities for monetizing customer data, the aggression in its exploitation is driving mistrust among users says the global analyst firm.… Read more

Mark Little

Analyst view: Zapp gets the support of leading UK financial services brands

Zapp has today announced partnerships with many of the UK’s leading financial services brands to implement its mobile payment service. Eden Zoller, principal analyst in Ovum’s consumer team provided the following reactive comment: “Zapp has taken its time to put in place a solid foundation for its mobile payment service ahead of this launch, instead… Read more

Eden Zoller

Ovum reveals 2014 will be a year of innovation, disruption, and consolidation in mobile payments

Ovum expects continued technology and service innovation, notably around location-based applications, in the mobile payments space in 2014. However, there will be increasing complexity within the mobile payments ecosystem this year, and on-going challenges around the business model for digital wallet services. According to the global analyst firm’s forthcoming “2014 Trends to Watch” report* there… Read more

Eden Zoller

Ovum reveals 2014 will witness social messaging players challenge the status quo of mobile social networking

The social messaging market is rapidly evolving and expanding as messaging players begin to amass hundreds of millions of users. In 2014 we will see further acceleration in user growth, together with a widening in the scope of social messaging services. More interestingly, in 2014 Ovum expects to see social messaging players challenging the status… Read more

Neha Dharia

Analyst View: Twitter’s IPO is creating excitement

Investors see social media and mobile as sweet spots and it is therefore no surprise that Twitter’s IPO is creating so much excitement and is oversubscribed. Eden Zoller, Principal Analyst, Consumer, Telecoms, Ovum comments: “Twitter’s valuation just ahead of its IPO stands at US$17.4 billion at the upper end, and this is high given that… Read more

Eden Zoller

Ovum forecasts slow growth in global mobile VAS revenues over 2013–18

Global mobile value-added service (VAS) revenues are set to grow at a slow pace between 2013 and 2018, with a CAGR of 10 percent, according to global analyst firm Ovum. In a recent market forecast*, Ovum found that the increase in global mobile VAS revenues would be driven mainly by the African and Asia-Pacific markets.… Read more

Neha Dharia