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PaaS Adoption 5: Understanding PaaS Versus DevOps

PaaS marketers are keen to piggyback on the current market interest in DevOps practices. PaaS can help from the two perspectives at the heart of the DevOps movement: IT operations people (ops)’ emulation of, and collaboration with, developers (devs).

API Management: Exploiting and Governing APIs to Achieve Digital Transformation

APIs in their various guises facilitate externalization of the enterprise to open up new revenue streams and simplify the integration of digital sales, marketing, commerce, branding, and other channels into established business processes and models.

PaaS Adoption 4: Understanding PaaS Design

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings are increasingly abstracted, multi-tenant, and modular. Some PaaS is more/less so than others, leading to confusing "true/native" PaaS versus "false/washed" PaaS fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) tactics.

PaaS Adoption 3: Understanding PaaS Services

PaaS combines runtime and ecosystem services. There are four runtime service categories (platform, functionality, deployment,and management) and three ecosystem service categories (marketplace, business-enablement, and community).

PaaS Adoption 2: Understanding the PaaS Market

The platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market is small, expanding rapidly and driven by vendors (supply-push) rather than the market (demand-pull).

PaaS Adoption 1: Understanding PaaS

Enterprises are confused by the variety of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) definitions, categories, and packages currently available on the market, not to mention conflicting marketing messages about which PaaS is "true" or "best". To enable enterprises to quickly put various vendors' claims in context, this short presentation provides an overview of the complex phenomenon that is PaaS.

CRM Outsourcing Business Trends 2014

Ovum's annual CRM Outsourcing Business Trends Survey outlines the key elements in enterprise contact center behavior and provides vendors with an idea of third-party CRM service procurement trends for the next 12–24 months.

Framework: Optimizing Web Self-Service with Virtual Agent Tools

Contact centers should use virtual agent tools to improve self-service and provide realtime information to customers via web chat, web pages, and within mobile applications.

Improving the IT Service Experience

New technologies have presented IT service providers with an opportunity to deliver a service experience that not only meets customer expectations, but also exceeds them.

Clinical Trial Management Systems at the Hub of eClinical

The life sciences industry is turning to technology to help facilitate the execution of clinical trials. This report looks at an important solution category within eClinical solutions: clinical trial management systems (CTMS).