Business Technology and Digital Transformation


Digital transformation through the systematic application of business technology is changing individual organizations and entire industries, in a similar way to the change that took place during the Industrial Revolution. By understanding the common building blocks, business themes, and opportunities, organizations can improve the planning of their digital strategy.


In financial services, banks are renewing their core systems to enable real-time processing, standardization, and increased efficiency. Basel III regulations in banking and Solvency II in insurance will soon come into force and will require integration and real-time analysis of disparate data sources to assess risk exposure.

With communications forming a key component of many other industry sectors, telcos are creating a range of new capabilities, such as payment, identity, and mobile services, and are becoming integrated into the value chain in areas such as telehealth, smart metering, and digital cities.

In energy and utilities, there is a wholesale transition from analogue to digital, with smart grids and smart metering transforming the value chain. This digital infrastructure generates huge volumes of data, which can be used to optimize maintenance, predict demand, and cross-sell services, but requires a redesign of the information architecture.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimization is vital, both from a cost saving, and a speed and efficiency perspective, as the velocity of business continues to increase.

  • Attention is focused on customer data, with the aim of providing a seamless multi-channel experience, and maximizing customer value and loyalty.

  • Successful organizations are exploiting information to differentiate through customer experience, faster service, and lower costs

Key Questions Answered

  • What are the key business drivers an opportunities behind digital transformation?

  • How are different industry sectors approaching digital transformation, and what are the key applications?

  • What are the technology building blocks that must be developed to support digital transformation?

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