Cloud Computing Fundamentals


Enterprises care about cloud computing because they need to adapt to the way it redefines how they relate to one another, their suppliers, their IT department, and the IT assets they use. Vendors care about cloud computing because it drives the convergence between the emerging and very dynamic public cloud industry and the more the traditional IT hardware, software, and services markets.


It is early days for cloud computing, which will take time to establish itself.

Cloud computing is important and unavoidable.

Cloud computing will be hybrid and suppliers and users should create their own cloud recipe.

Features and Benefits

  • This report includes a look at the fundamentals of cloud computing.

  • This report discusses how cloud computing impacts business, as well as offering insight into deployment and management of cloud solutions.

Key Questions Answered

  • What are the basics of cloud computing that I will need to know, and how will it impact my business?

  • How can I go about selecting a cloud computing solution?

  • What will I need to consider when deploying and managing my cloud solution?

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