Consumer Insights Snapshot: Connected Devices


Internet-connected devices are becoming increasing popular, and consumers can now access their favorite Internet applications in an expanding number of ways. This snapshot explores which devices people now use to access the Internet and what they use them for, with a focus on the two fastest growing device types: the mobile phone and the tablet.


This snapshot provides the latest consumer trends around Internet connected devices from Ovum's 2012 Consumer Insights Survey.

The analysis focuses on the two fastest growing types of Internet connected device, the tablet and the mobile phone, and explores how they are used and by which segments.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates the latest survey data around how consumers use Internet-connected devices.

  • Analysis of the key trends in different segments of the market, and also in different countries.

  • Includes analysis of tablet and smartphone use and second screen habits.

Key Questions Answered

  • What are the key types of devices that consumers now use to access Internet applications?

  • What are the preferred devices for certain types of Internet application?

  • What types of people own a tablet, and how do they use that device compared to say a laptop or smartphone?

  • What are the key brands in the smartphone market, and how do consumers now use their smartphones?

  • What are people using their connected devices for when they use them while also watching TV?

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