Mobile viruses how real is the threat?


The threat of mobile viruses malware is not new, but to date, actual attacks on mobile devices have been few and far between. But with more and more consumers using smart phones, and banks offering increasingly function-rich services on mobile devices, the threat is becoming more serious.


More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access banking and payment services. Increasing richness in available functions add to the attraction for the customer and make them ever more appealing targets for criminals.

The volume of actual incidents has been low to date, but industry must act now to ensure the threat doesn't turn into a reality that puts at risk mobile devices as well as back-end systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Retail banks and other financial services providers, as well as technology providers

  • This brief provides an analysis of the threat posed to mobile banking and payments by viruses and other malware

  • This brief includes recommendations for banks and technology providers on what action should be taken

Key Questions Answered

  • This research provides a realistic assessment of today's risk levels, and how these are changing

  • This research includes analysis of why the mobile channel requires a different approach to security from the internet channel

  • This brief includes recommendations on what companies should do to mitigate the risks arising from mobile malware

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