On the Radar: JouleX


JouleX helps enterprises save money and gain competitive advantage with a solution that allows them to monitor, analyze, and control energy use by every network-connected device in the organization, without the complexity of client-side software agents or the cost of additional physical meters.


Energy costs are a significant operating cost for many enterprises, and conservation can yield major savings. JouleX's solution provides visibility into, and control over, the energy consumed by devices connected to their networks without the cost and complexity of client-side agents or physical meters.

Features and Benefits

  • Identifies a vendor with an innovative approach to enterprise energy managment, a topic of growing importance as energy costs continue to rise.

  • Evaluates the advantages of a network-centric approach to energy management.

Key Questions Answered

  • Why should you put JouleX on your radar?

  • How does JouleX help enterprises manage energy consumption?

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