Solution Guide: Application Performance Management


APM vendors arrive in this space from different historical routes but they all go under the same label, so this report aims to clarify what it is that defines an APM solution, and how the vendors are taking their solutions forward. Ovum takes a representative group across new and established vendors and provides a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT) analysis of their solutions.


Key APM user groups are system administrators and operators, application developers, QA, IT service management professionals, and senior managers and executives. APM analytics is an active area of innovation, due to the sheer growth of data to be processed. Advanced techniques such as predictive analytics can quickly identify potential problems.

Features and Benefits

  • Ovum conducted a comprehensive features assessment with the results summarized in the Ovum APM Rainbow Map.

  • The report looks into how vendors are addressing APM for and in the cloud.

Key Questions Answered

  • Which vendors are suitable for specific APM requirements?

  • How can enterprises manage the sheer scale of metrics being generated by APM solutions today?

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