SWOT Assessment: Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager v4.83.6


Controlling user access to business systems and maintaining security during machine-to-machine interactions is a business requirement that needs to be achieved to avoid security violations and GRC and audit issues. To protect organizations, there is a need to go that extra mile by using an inclusive privileged identity management solution.


Lieberman Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) is an automated PIM solution that manages and secures access, protects business operations, and helps maintain regulatory compliance by establishing and securing credential management processes for all privileged account groups.

Controlling privileged access is a knowledge-management issue. In order to control the most at-risk users and systems and secure and protect access credentials, the Lieberman solution offers realtime discovery, monitoring, and protection for all domain and account passwords in the enterprise.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand the privileged identity management facilities provided by the Lieberman product and considers its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Learn how the product provides a secure and scalable solution that operates across mainstream business and network environments.

Key Questions Answered

  • In what way is controlling privileged user access and privileged identity management both a knowledge-management and a security issue?

  • Why are automation and secure storage needed to manage the privileged account environment?

  • Systems maintenance and change management needs to be supported using a secure single console approach.

  • Lieberman’s ERPM out-of-the-box discovery capabilities help with ROI, deployment, and usage timescales.

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