CIO Executive Insights: Asia-Pacific

Get deep insight into your customers’ technology spending, priorities, perceptions, and influencers

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Gain unparalleled insight into IT spending and adoption trends across the Asia-Pacific region

CIO Executive Insights: Asia-Pacific provides IT vendors with deep insight into:

  • IT budgets and investment intentions
  • Technology and outsourcing priorities
  • Business drivers and key influencers for IT spending
  • Spending priorities by industry sector
  • Decision-maker perceptions of IT vendors

CIO Executive Insights: Asia-Pacific is powered by the most extensive survey of IT decision-makers in the Asia-Pacific region. It covers 14 Asia-Pacific countries, 10 vertical markets, and 93 horizontal and 32 vertical technologies. The data, based on responses to 2,746 interviews, is presented in an interactive tool that allows subscribers to view, segment, filter, chart, and then extract results to support product strategy, marketing, and sales efforts.

The survey addresses these critical questions:

  • Which vendor/s will each respondent select for their next technology deployment?
  • What criteria does each respondent use to select an ICT vendor?
  • How do different vendors rate for each criterion?
  • How does this performance change by technology, vertical, geography, and size of organization?
  • When will each company make their investments?
  • What are the drivers for technology investments?
  • What is the business case for technology investments?

CIO Executive Insights: Asia-Pacific gives you unprecedented insight into the vertical-specific IT requirements of companies in Asia-Pacific

The survey does not just focus on horizontal technologies, but crucially also reveals IT requirements for industry-specific technologies.

All survey responses can be filtered by industry and sub-sector (as well as by geography, time, size of company, and many more criteria – see below), or users can select the industry-specific section of the tool for a complete view of technology requirements by industry sector.

CIO Executive Insights: Asia-Pacific enables users to filter by these markets, segments, and criteria:

  • 10 industries: government; healthcare; insurance; media and broadcast; manufacturing, distribution, and logistics; pharmaceuticals, retail banking; telecoms; utilities
  • 14 countries: Australia; China; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia; New Zealand; Philippines; Singapore; South Korea; Taiwan; Thailand; Vietnam.
  • Size band – employees: <100; 100–999; 1,000–4,999, 5,000–10,000; 10,000+
  • Size band – revenues: <$10m; $10–50m; $50m–250m; $250m–500m; $500–1bn; >$1bn
  • Time period: 2010/11; 2011/12
  • Headquarter location
  • 93 horizontal technologies
  • 32 vertical technologies
  • Business goals
  • Strategic goals

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