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Ovum Consulting

Ovum Consulting is the consulting arm of Ovum, one of the premier ICT and telecoms-focused advisory and consulting firms with global coverage.

We provide specialist consulting services in the telecommunications, content, software, and IT services industries. Ovum Consulting’s clients include operators, vendors, government, regulators, and investment communities.

We differentiate ourselves through our focus on these industries and the access that we have to our extensive research base, analyst experts, developed methodologies and models, and deep relationships with the industry.

Our consultants and associates are experienced and well recognized industry experts with substantial hands-on industry and consulting experience and know-how. Our consulting leaders were senior executives in leading government agencies, operators, vendors, and other industry stakeholders.

We have nine offices across the globe. Our 150 experts work in more than 50 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific.

Helping to drive change within an organization

We offer our four consulting services for all companies:

  • Bespoke Analysis 

Customized primary and secondary research with cutting-edge analysis

  • Advice and Opinions

Market knowledge combined with real-world expertise

  • Decision Support

Designing and facilitating the decision-making process

  • Superior Execution


We also offer vendor specific services to enable vendors to :