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IT governance is the go-to solution for improving IT performance

Ovum believes that a number of factors are preventing organizations from reaping the benefits of a broader adoption of IT governance. Resolution of these problems lies mainly in the hands of the organizations themselves, but also with some in the IT industry who need to understand that wrongly branding technology as GRC, or IT governance, is damaging to their own commercial prospects.
Alan Rodger

HP underpins re-positioning of BPO portfolio with robotic process automation

HP’s re-positioning of its BPO business aligns with two key developments: BPO offerings have largely matured into a strategic tool for process buyers, and service providers’ leveraging of robotic process automation (RPA) is de-emphasizing the importance of labor arbitrage.
Thomas Reuner

Wearables won’t usurp mobile payments anytime soon

As the wearable technology market gains interest, speculation is mounting that payments will be a driver for the technology. Wearables have potential as an additional component to mobile payments, but they are likely to remain niche in the near term.
Gilles Ubaghs

Nexus 2014 highlights shift to higher-value, more-diverse outsourcing

Nearshore Nexus 2014 foreshadowed a distinct shift in the Caribbean and Latin American outsourcing dynamic, with IT services taking a more pronounced place than ever before.
Peter Ryan

Heartbleed represents a serious threat to online business

The recently publicized Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability looks like the most dangerous and potentially damaging of a series of secure sockets layer (SSL) and transport layer security (TLS) protocol breaches.
Andrew Kellett

Atos exits controversial DWP contract

Atos is making an early exit from the controversial contract with the UK government under which it assessed whether benefit claimants were fit for work.
Ed Thomas

When it comes to student retention efforts, LMS is there for the taking

This opinion piece highlights the key points of the recently published Ovum report "Leveraging LMS to Support Student Retention Efforts."
Navneet Johal

The demise of the Data Retention Directive provides an opportunity for legislators

The EC’s Data Retention Directive has been annulled by the European Court of Justice. The ruling leaves a gap in legislation, but it provides EU policy makers with an opportunity to devise more coherent rules for data retention.
Luca Schiavoni

Hortonworks HDP 2.1 release starts extending “Hadoop Core” platform

The latest version of the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), v2.1, marks a key step in the platform's future roadmap, supporting interactive SQL, search, and streaming, and adding support for incubating security features.
Tony Baer

Intel attempts to stabilize data center optical transceiver market

Intel is attempting to bring order to the data center optical transceiver market, which has been disrupted by hyperscale service provider demand for a cost-effective 500m–2km 100G interconnect solution.
Daryl Inniss