Vendor Consulting

Ovum Vendor Consulting has four strategically targeted service types to help you realize maximum value from your technology offerings.

Strategic insight and briefings
Understand how technology will specifically affect job roles and organizations, straight from the market’s leading technology and industry analysts. We provide strategic insight on what will shape the market, and deliver it one-to-one, or to your team.

Value assessment and value realization
Get a clear view of the real sources of value in target organizations, IT vendors, and outsourcing suppliers, and how these companies are looking to maximize their potential. Ovum looks beyond IT cost savings to understand how IT can impact a whole business and deliver increased revenues and shareholder value through productive vendor relationships.

Vendor and technology selection and bid support
Increase your understanding of how organizations select technology, software vendors, or outsourcing providers. Ovum understands your competitors and can support your bid teams to maximize your chances of success.

Bespoke market, vendor, and technology analysis
Gain clear insight into how target organizations or markets will be affected by technology, with bespoke analysis and research based on Ovum’s comprehensive Knowledge Centers. Ovum will create or enhance research and data based on your specific, targeted requirements.